Popgen.es Tech Stack

This website

This website consists of static web pages stored in an Amazon S3 bucket delivered over https via Amazon CloudFront. The static web pages for this site are generated offline from open-source code at gitlab.com/popgen.es/popgen.es. This code relies heavily on the open-source template engine Jinja via the tiny open-source tool github.com/castedo/jinjagen. Additional open-source software is used to generate pages for digital article successions.

Digital article successions

The web pages for digital article successions are a demonstration of an eprinter in the perm.pub pilot project. An eprinter produces web pages (and possibly PDF files) from JATS XML archived by an independent organization such as the Software Heritage archive.

Digital article successions are the combination of a few key technologies: Digital Succession Identifiers, JATS, git, and OpenPGP.

As an eprinter, this website is only a consumer of digital article successions. The software used to eprint (all open-source) is mostly epijats, hidos, pandoc, and git.

The generation of digital article successions (independent of this website) is currently done via pandoc, manual steps using git (documented in hidos) and GnuPG.

An example digital article succession is DZFCt68peNNajZ34WtZni9VYxzo .